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Nov 12, 2018

In the newest episode of Habitat Canada’s podcast, we meet Habitat GTA homeowner Karen who was able to move her family out of an area of Toronto rife with gun violence and high crime to a safe, accepting neighbourhood in the city.

We also meet a donor and volunteer who has been giving his time, his expertise, and even his own furniture and building materials to Habitat ReStores and other local Habitats in Canada for more than 15 years, Scott McGillivray. In addition to his show Moving the McGillivrays, which featured Karen and her family, Scott is well known for the award-winning hit show Income Property, Buyers Bootcamp and his online series Scott’s House Call. Scott admits he didn’t realize the full effect he was having on others when he first got involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Nor did Karen understand the effect Scott would have on her young family. Find out how giving to Habitat connected Scott and Karen, and how Karen is doing after moving into her Habitat home two years ago with her family in this episode of the podcast.

The gifts of giving and receiving are at the heart of the success of our mission at Habitat for Humanity Canada. Thousands of families have achieved their goal of affordable homeownership because of donors and volunteers and welcoming communities across the country who share Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We all give because it makes us feel connected to something beyond ourselves. We give because it brings joy or comfort to others, which, in turn, brings us joy. It makes us happy, and there are studies to prove it.

Meghan Reddick is Vice President of Brand Strategy and Communications at Habitat Canada. She says first-time volunteers or donors don’t realize how the smallest of gestures can have a significant and lasting effect on the lives of others.

”When you donate or volunteer with us, you really get to see tangible impact. There is a house that you can touch and feel. But really it’s so much more than a house, it’s about the family, their stability and the impact it has on their future,” says Reddick. “When someone decides to give their time, talent or treasure, whether you are swinging a hammer or giving a few bucks – at the end of the day you should really feel good about giving. Giving should bring you joy.”