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Oct 15, 2018

There are more than 1000 Habitat ReStores around the world, and over 100 across Canada. Each one is a home and building supply store that accepts and resells quality new and gently used building materials. The success of this social enterprise helps Habitat for Humanity continue building decent and affordable homes for people in need of housing.

It started in 1991 with five volunteers in Winnipeg and today it’s an international “Made in Canada” success story.

Every Habitat ReStore offers a unique shopping experience for those looking to add something new to their homes. The inventory changes daily as new items, including windows, doors, hardware, furniture and appliances, are donated by local residents and businesses.

An environmentally-conscious social enterprise, the sole goal of Habitat ReStores – the reason it exists in the first place – is to raise funds to enable more families to partner with Habitat for Humanity on their path to affordable homeownership.

In this episode we meet self-proclaimed "ReStore Junkie", Lisa Voycey. Lisa also happens to be the ReStore District Manager with Habitat for Humanity Huronia in Ontario. She says shopping in the ReStore is like "treasure hunting."

Rob Voisin is Habitat Canada’s Vice President of Affiliate Engagement and supports local Habitat for Humanity organizations as they work together to grow and expand Habitat ReStores with a goal of serving even more families across Canada. Collectively, the enterprise has gone from $20 million in sales in 2008 to a projection approaching $70 million in 2018.

To learn more, or to find your local  Habitat ReStore, visit our website –