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Nov 5, 2018

An international volunteer initiative, Habitat for Humanity Canada’s Global Village program is driven by thousands of volunteers each year who work hand in hand with Habitat Canada and local Habitat for Humanity organizations around the world to build decent and affordable homes for people in need of housing. It’s a part of Habitat’s vision that everyone should have a decent place to live – both at home in Canada, and around the world.

Erin O’Neill is Habitat Canada’s Vice President, Global Engagement. “Habitat’s Global Village program allows Canadians from all walks of life to engage in our global mission in a hands on way by building alongside communities and future Habitat for Humanity homeowners to build and improve their housing and shelter,” says Erin. “Volunteers help in a number of different ways – from building new homes to upgrading existing homes with improvements such as latrines, water filtration systems infrastructure or smokeless stoves.”

In this episode, we’re joined by two ‘team leaders’ – Global Village volunteers who work with Habitat Canada to lead groups of volunteers to work on Habitat build projects. We welcome Janet Joy Wilson from Ontario and Ernie Fraser from his home in British Columbia. 

Ernie has volunteered on more than half a dozen builds in Eastern Europe, including work on a homeless shelter in Poland. But he’s also led Habitat Canada Global Village volunteer teams across the country – in Iqaluit, Yukon and New Brunswick.

Janet has been on build sites with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala and Habitat for Humanity Vietnam and has twice led Global Village volunteer groups to help Habitat build new and improved housing. She says her Global Village experience has been a rare opportunity to be part of a community, a family and real change.

For more information about Habitat Canada’s Global Village volunteer program and how you can help build with Habitat for Humanity, visit our website at To find out more about some of the international projects we’re working on, click here.

From October 3 to December 10, we’re releasing a new podcast every Monday, featuring stories about Habitat for Humanity in Canada. Next Monday, we’ll be hearing from HGTV star, and long-time Habitat supporter, Scott McGillivray about why giving matters. We’ll also hear from Karen, a Habitat homeowner who worked alongside Scott on her Habitat home in his show Moving the McGillivrays.  Karen shares the impact buying a Habitat home has had on her and her family.