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Nov 26, 2018

Habitat’s corporate donors understand the impact that decent housing has on the communities they work in. Not only do they understand it, and donate – they often want to find a deeper way to give back – a way that also helps engage their employees in the giving as well. With Habitat Canada, that’s a win-win situation. Corporate partnerships help Habitat build more homes and provide more families with affordable homeownership opportunities. But it’s also good business sense. A study on corporate social responsibility showed that, when employees are engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives, there is a 50 per cent reduction in turnover rates and a 13 per cent increase in productivity.

Habitat Canada’s President and CEO, Mark Rodgers, says employees who volunteer have a unique opportunity to get involved in the mission when they build with Habitat for Humanity.

“They can work alongside the family,” says Rodgers. “They can literally get to know the mission, firsthand, of what we do and I think that resonates deeply for corporations that want to engage their employees.”

In this week’s podcast episode we hear from three long-time corporate supporters about why they’re so connected to Habitat’s mission, and how engaging their employees in their corporate social responsibility efforts are not only reflective of their organizational values, but are integrated into their operations.

Whirlpool Canada not only provides their employees with opportunities to volunteer on Habitat build sites, the company also donates a fridge and stove for every new Habitat home in Canada.

Genworth Canada is the country’s largest private residential mortgage insurer. In addition to creating an employee engagement program, Genworth is the founding sponsor of Habitat Canada’s Meaning of Home youth writing contest. More than 7,000 grade school students submitted essays to the 2018 competition and raised $170,000 to help build homes across the country.

Nissan Canada has been a Habitat Canada sponsor and supporter for 10 years. The company’s President and CEO Joni Paiva says the Habitat mission is a perfect fit for Nissan.

“We’re very fortunate to work and do business in Canada, so we must give back to the community,” said Paiva. When it comes to having employees volunteer with Habitat, Paiva says that employees come away feeling like they are doing something bigger than themselves, and something that they couldn’t do alone, reinforcing the fact that employee volunteering is a great way to build better teams.

For more information about Habitat Canada’s corporate supporters or to find out how you can donate or volunteer on a build site with your workplace, visit